Let’s Talk PTSD

Recently the government of Manitoba introduced legislation affecting PTSD claimants under the Workers Compensation Board. Under The Workers Compensation Act, certain injuries are presumed to be caused by a worker’s employment. This Bill extends that presumption to emergency response workers who contract post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a natural part of our job and there’s no shame in talking about it. With the proper help PTSD can be treated – without it, it can be as deadly as cancer. Your UFFW is committed to making mental health a priority.
Let’s get talking.

The Initial Event

Scott Atchison developed PTSD after his involvement in a traumatic house fire. This video is Scott describing the events in his own words.

Recognizing & Getting Help

Scott explains his journey from realizing he was living wit PTSD to seeking help, and eventual recovery.

Living & Working

In this segment Scott discusses how he copes on a day to day basis and what working on the job with PTSD is like for him.

Tom’s Story

Tom Bilous describes responding to a very stressful call with his crew and how they chose to deal with it.

Chad’s Story

Chad Swayze tells his story about how PTSD has affected him. He goes on to describe the dark places it took him and how he found a way out by seeking help.

PTSD Legislation

Derek Balcaen describes receiving PTSD coverage through the WCB under the new legislation and how to initiate a claim.